Anyone had thought, Argentina suffer to qualify Round of 16, and slightly near to eliminate, hence this is FIFA World Cup 2018, anything would be happen here, Underdogs literally, roaring not barking. After, Nigeria beat Iceland, there is ray of hope comes for Argentina, but other side Iceland and Nigeria also in fight.

Argentina vs Croatia

What a statics came over in this Group D, Only Croatia confirmed their place in Round of 16, other all three teams including two times World Cup winner Argentina, Debutant Iceland and Musa’s Nigeria yet in the race which realised us Why we call this group ‘Group of Death’. Therefore, All three have a big pressure specially Argentina have a bit pressure cum runner up of World Cup 2014 with World’s best squad if they will not qualifying Round of 16 it might be not digested.  Although The stats which make us surprise that Argentina is looking lest team to qualify, they have to give their best performance and more than this, they need a luck for being in World Cup 2018.

group D

Croatia grabbing first spot in the Group by show the magnificent game in their both matches, Nigeria setting on second place which is bit surprising. They lost their first match against Croatia but they startled came back against Iceland, and taste their first victory in  this World Cup, but that was one man show, Musa was the man who netted two goals and palyed marvelous  role behind the victory. The debutant Iceland is on third, the good start with draw against super giant of South America Argentina, second match was bitter for them, where they were lost by  Nigeria. Last place team literally contender of this World Cup and the strongest team on paper of Group D, Argentina seriously undigest positive for their fans, who the hell think they will be on the last spot at the Group stage.

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Well Croatia already qualify for Round of 16, Here open chance for others teams but which team have big  Ray of silver lining of qualifying.Let’s discuss here with the man of letters stats.

cfiCroatia Croatia
World predict Group D, as the Group of Death, actually is proven now. Except Croatia, the chances for qualifying Round of 16, apparently open of all three teams. There is triangular situation, which team gonna be join Croatia for Round of 16.

NIGERIA’s Chance

Nigeria would be win the final before Final to be continue in this World Cup, that match they have a with hunger lions of South America’s Argentina. This match will gonna be take record TRP coz everybody eagerly waiting for it.

The win over Iceland rose the ray of hope Argentina as well, now Argentina want to win over them, other hand If Nigeria win this Match, and Croatia defeat Iceland than Nigeria grandly reach round of 16 although they are on second position in the group, and have very good ratings as compare to Iceland and Argentina.


ICELAND’s Chance


The Debutant Iceland start with unpredictable draw with Argentina, which showed that  they comes in Russia with purpose, the purpose to Shock the World, actually they did it. It’s not child play to play draw with the giant team like Argentina, in the ever first match of the FIFA World Cup level. Nigeria defeat them in second match and made the stone between them and Round of 16. here, they all will relay on Luck of being in the tournament, although, if they’ll win over Iceland, it’ll not gonna enough to send them in knock out, they also want to wait for Argentina vs Nigeria match results, If Argentina win even they also win against Croatia, than they have hope of qualify.

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Argentina World Cup wallpaper

Who thought? Argentina go on knee to qualify for Round of 16 in this World Cup 2018. Well, Argentina unfavorable started the World Cup, played draw against debutant Iceland, situation gone worse when Croatia defeat them by, 3-0 in their second match. Now, they have on the fourth place in the group, Seriously this team needs the tone of luck to qualify for Round of 16. They will play their last group match against Nigeria, which gonna one of the high voltage match of  FIFA World Cup 2018.

Argentina vs Nigeria Argentina vs Nigeria
If Argentina will win over Nigeria in this Match, other side they wish Croatia win over Iceland, this’ll happen than nobody will come between Argentina and Round of 16.

Argentina vs Nigeria

What a scenario of Group D, unsurprisingly ‘Group of Death’. Let’s see who will continue their FIFA journey in this World Cup 2018, but make sure one thing this kind of pressure matches only happens at FIFA World Cup level. Hope, the industrious tems will win, hope the best win, wish the good Football win. as the World Cup 2018 wins our hearts.


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