FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held in Russia, all set to host World cup on their icy land. Fifa world cup 2014 was played at Brazil where players were suffered from humidity. So, here in Russia players will not seem this climate problem.

Russia is the largest country in the World and the country which comes in two continents, Asia and Europe. Basically, this Nation comes in the Cold region, mostly part of this country covered by ice all over the year. Russia covered the one-eighth of the Earth surface which is 60% larger than second largest country Canada.

Russia selected 12 stadia for Fifa World Cup 2018. Where 32 teams will fight in 65 games to win  6.2 kgs Gold winning trophy of Fifa.

Here we giving all details related to the 12 venues which are selected to FIFA World Cup 2018.



Luzhniki Stadium is the largest Stadium in Russia Which is situated in the capital of country Moscow. Luzhniki stadium has the capacity of 81000 spectators, this sounds really good and the stadium is selected for the opening match, that match will play between host Nation Russia and Saudia Arabia, first semi-final and final match also played in this Stadium with some other group matches and knock out matches.

Luzhniki stadium was opened in 1956.

Here are all matches those will play in the tournament:

June 14-2018, 18:00 -Group A Match RUSSIA VS SAUDIA ARABIA

June 17-2018, 18:00-Group F Match GERMANY VS MEXICO

June 20-2018, 15:00-Group B Match PORTUGAL VS MOROCCO

June 26-2018, 17:00-Group C Match DENMARK VS FRANCE

July 01-2018, 17:00- Match 1B vs 2A, Round of 16

July 11-2018, 21:00- Match W59 vs W60, Second Semi Final

July 15-2018, 18:00- W61 vs W62, Final

So, Luzhniki will be remembered for these important matches of World Cup definitely.


This stadium was opened in 2013 for winter Olympics, that held in 2014, till 2016 this stadium was enclosed facility stadium but at the end of the year 2016 is Fisht stadium reopened for Football as an open-air stadium. The capacity of seats in this Stadium is 47,659. The last year 2017, Confederation Cup was also held in this Stadium.

List of the matches those will play in Sochi Fisht Stadium are:

June 15-2018, 21:00-Group B SPAIN vs PORTUGAL

June 18-2018, 18:00-Group G BELGIUM vs PANAMA

June 23-2018, 18:00-Group F GERMANY vs SWEDEN

June 26-2018, 17:00-Group C AUSTRALIA vs PERU

June 30-2018,  21:00 -Match 1A vs 2B, Round of 16

July 07-2018, 21:00 -Match W51 bs W52, Quarterfinal

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Sochi Fisht Stadium will set some records definitely!


Most expensive stadium in the World ever,  it took us $ 1 billion to build .it’s practicable roof quality makes it unique by other stadia. Saint-Petersburg Stadium located in Krestovsky Island and it is also called Zenit Arena.

This Stadium is the second largest stadium of Russia, where 67,000 seats are available for spectators.this is the great example of modern technology. Apparently, this was declared that Zenit arena will be completed in 2008 but it was not possible then next date to open stadium was expended to 2011 then it was changed for many times, finally, Stadium opened in May 2017.

Matches will play in this Saint-Petersburg are:

June 17-2018, 17:00- Group B Match MOROCCO vs JAPAN

June 19-2018, 21:00-Group A Match RUSSIA vs EGYPT

June 22-2018, 15:00-Group E Match BRAZIL vs COSTA RICA

June 26-2018, 21:00- Group D Match NIGERIA vs ARGENTINA

July 03-2018, 17:00-  1F vs 2E, Round of 16

June 10-2018, 21:00- W57 vs W58, First Semi Final

June 14-2018, 17:00- L61 vs L62, Third Place Match

As this Saint Petersburg create most expensive stadium record, this is ready to create some more.


Ekaterinburg Arena the eastern Stadium of Russia and the only Stadium, who comes in Asia region hence all other comes in Europe. This was opened in 1957.from, 1957 till now this stadium host thousand of sports and entertainment events.

This Ekaterinburg Stadium is also known as Central has been reconstructed for two time times first took 5 years from 2006 to 2011 and second times it was constructed in 2017. For Fifa World Cup 2018, its seating capacity expanded from 23000 to 35696, which will reduce after Fifa World Cup.

Here Matches those will hold in Fifa World Cup 2018 in this Stadium are:

June 15-2018, 17:00-Group A Match EGYPT vs URUGUAY

June 21-2018, 17:00-Group C Match FRANCS vs PERU

June 24-2108, 20:00- Group H Match JAPAN vs SENEGAL

June 27-2018, 18:00-Group F MEXICO vs SWEDEN

Central Stadium will be the witness of these matches.


This Stadium was constructed in 3 years and completed in 2013, habe45000 spectators seating arrangement.

Kazan arena constructed in $ 450 million, the architecture of this stadium has different with others Stadia, The stadium has largest outside screen in Europe.

Matches of Fifa World Cup those will play in Kazan Arena:

June 16, 2018- 13:00, Group C Match AUSTRALIA vs FRANCE

June 20, 2018- 21:00, Group B Match IRAN vs SPAIN

June 24-2018- 21:00- Group H Match POLAND vs COLOMBIA

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June 27-2018- 17:00, Group F Match KOREA REPUBLIC vs GERMANY

June 30-2018, 17:00, Match 1C vs 2D, Round of 16

July 06-2018, 21:00, Match W53 vs W54, Quarter Final

Kazan arena all set to host the Grand Event World cup of Fifa.


This Stadium is located in Dolzhanskaya currently some of the parts is under construction but will be completed very soon because works are doing in rapid mode. The stadium has 44,899 seating capacity status.

The Stadium will hold these matches in it,

June 18-2018, 15:00 Group F Match SWEDEN vs KOREA REPUBLIC

June 21-2018, 21:00- Group D Match ARGENTINA vs CROATIA

June 24-2018, 15:00- Group G Match ENGLAND vs PANAMA

June 27-2018, 17:00-Group E Match SWITZERLAND vs COSTA RICA

July 01-2018, 21:00- Match 1D vs 2C, Round of 16

July 06-2018, 17:00- Match W49 vs W50, Quarter Final


Rostov Arena is one of the venues of Fifa World cup 2018, which is literally under construction. The stadium will also host club team FC Rostov in Russian Premium League.the stadium will have to arrange 45000 seats for the spectator.

Here, the matches those will be played in this arena

June 17-2018, 21:00 Group E Match BRAZIL vs SWITZERLAND

June 20-2018, 18:00- Group A Match URUGUAY vs SAUDIA ARABIA

June 23-2018, 21:00- Group F Match KOREA REPUBLIC vs MEXICO

June 26-2018, 21:00- Group D Match ICELAND vs CROATIA

July 02-2018, 21:00- Match 1G vs 2H, Round of 16

The Stadium will write its name in Fifa history for sure.


The stadium is also known as Cosmos Arena, this Stadium is also in under construction but it will be completed before the World cup.

The stadium was opened in 2017 and the capacity of 45000 spectators. The stadium on the island of Russia Samara.  Basically, Cosmos Stadium will be known as Samara Arena at the time of World Cup.

Here, the all Matches list those will play in this Arena:

June 17-2018, 16:00-Group E Match COSTA RICA vs SERBIA

June 21-2018, 19:00-Group C Match DENMARK vs AUSTRALIA

June 25:2018, 18:00-Group A Match RUSSIA vs URUGUAY

June 28-2018, 18:00-Group H Match SENEGAL vs COLOMBIA

July 02-2018- 18:00- Match 1E vs 2 H, Round of 16

July 07-2018, 18;00- Match W55 vs W56, Quarter Final


The Mordovia arena  Stadium is located in Saransk. The Stadium is in under construction which was started in the year 2015.

As the other Russian cities here is also fell the temperature which around always counts in minus degrees. The stadium has 44,442 seats for spectators

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List of matches those will play in World Cup 2018

June 16-2018, 19:00- Group C Match DENMARK vs PERU

June 19-2018, 18:00- Group H Match COLOMBIA vs JAPAN

June 25-2018, 21:00- Group B IRAN vs PORTUGAL

June 28-2018, 21:00- Group G PANAMA vs TUNISIA

Here people will see Hot clashes in cold region of Saransk.


The Stadium is under construction which is held in 2015, work is doing as planned the stadium will have been completed before World Cup 2018. Stadium building near the side of the demolished central stadium at the bank of Volga river, it will manage the 45,568 seat for spectators in World cup 2018.

Here, all match those will play in this stadium.

June 18:2018, 21:00-Group G Match TUNISIA vs ENGLAND

June 22-2018,18:00-Group D Match NIGERIA vs ICELAND

June 25,2018,17:00-Group A Match SAUDIA ARABIA vs EGYPT

June 28:2018, 17:00-Group H Match JAPAN vs POLAND

Spectators will surely find problems if they are not booked the tickets at the time.


The stadium is located in Tushino, Moscow near the Tushino Airport .it was constructed from 2010 to 2014 on the expense value of US $ 430 million hence the stadium was opened on 5 July, where its club team were played. The stadium has 45,360 seat capacity for spectators for World Cup 2018.

These matches of Fifa World Cup 2018 will hold in this arena.

June 16-2018, 16:00 Group D Match ARGENTINA vs ICELAND

June 19-2018,15:00 Group H Match POLAND vs SENEGAL

June 23-2018, 15:00 Group B Match  BELGIUM vs TUNISIA

June 26:2018,17:00 Group C Match SERBIA vs BRAZIL

July 03-2018,21:00 Match 1H vs 2G, Round of 16

Grab your tickets fast of SPARTAK stadium.


The closest located stadium to the European Union.the Stadium which is also known as Arena Baltika in Oktyabrsky island, Kaliningrad, Russia.

This Stadium is also in under construction which broke in the ground in 2015 and will complete before the World cup as planned. The construction cost is euro 257 million, the stadium has 35,212 seats for spectators.

These are the Matches those will play in World Cup 2018 :

June 16-2018, 21:00 Group D Match CROATIA vs NIGERIA

June 22-2018,18:00 Group E Match SERBIA vs SWITZERLAND.

June 25-2018, 20:00 – Group B Match SPAIN vs MOROCCO

June 28-2018, 20:00 Group G Match ENGLAND vs BELGIUM

Some of them will definitely write history

Russia is all, ready now to host World cup grab your favourite team matches tickets, and witness the beauty of this stadium and explore your loves towards football.

Keep with us!!!

Keep with Fifa!!!


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