PORTUGAL! When you heard this name, what would be your thought? Perhaps, the Nation which made some of the other countries their slave, could it be a football oriented?

Definitely, this European country has a rich history, but nowadays this Nation is getting much attention for their football team.


Portugal started their football journey in 1914 but due to the World War first, they did not play until 1921. So the day of 18 December year 1921 they had their first match with Spain, where they were lost the game by 3-1.

After the year 1921, Uniao Portuguese de futebol (Portugal football federation) was decided to promote the game all over the nation. They started the domestic tournament to find the best players and made them compete with best football teams of the World.

Uniao Portuguese de futebol saw many up and down in the beginning, then suddenly, World War second was started and this also affect the Portuguese federation to continue their domestic tournament.


Portugal has played in 6 World Cup where first time they qualify in the World Cup of 1966, and since, this is the best world cup for them where they were ended at 3rd place with a bronze medal.

Portugal had semi-final of 1966, with host National England and match decided to be held in Liverpool but things were changed and the venue was shifted to London and that made Portuguese players unexpected travelling which made them too tried to the near semi-final, this issue was raised by the Portuguese media and somewhere it seems to right.

With the successful record of world cup 1966, Portugal was looking at the good contender for World Cup 1970, but in that world cup’s qualification draws they upset their home fans by they eliminate in that stage and end their journey at 4 and last position in their group after Greece, Romania, Switzerland.

Euro Cup league of 1972, Portugal had the fine result but in the same year, in the qualifications draws they were hardly defeated by average football playing Nation of that time like Cyprus and Nicosia and the result was that they were not qualified for FIFA world cup 1974.

Another upcoming world cup of 1978 Portugal was failed to qualify another time and this thing was continued to 1982 FIFA World Cup. The Nation was suffered to qualifying continually for four World Cup in a row.

Finally, after 4 continue failure this time Portugal got the ticket for FIFA finals of 1986 World Cup but they did not show what people expected from them and ended their journey at the group stage on 17th position with one win and two defeat in three matches.

In the 80s their best game came in euro Cup 1984, Portugal had a group with Spain, West Germany, Romania. In the first match they tie 0-0 with West Germany and in the second match, Portugal was played another tied match with Spain by 1-1. In the last and the final match of group stage Portugal beat Romania 1-0, this how Portugal end on second place in the group and this was enough to send them into the knockout stage, where they have to gear up with the host Nation France to battle on football ground to make their place into top eight. This was one of the best matches in the history of the European championship, the host Nation France scored the first goal of the match then the second half Portuguese made the equaliser and both ended on 1-1 each the match went off extra time, portugal scored the second goal in a minute 105th, in the extra time game went into its peak and both the team missed many chances to score but in minute 114th France back in game and make an equaliser, and the second last minute of extra time 119th France made the winning stroke and defeat Portugal by 3-2, that’s how Portugal was eliminated from European championship.

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After 1986, Fifa World Cup, this time history repeat itself, Portugal, unfortunately, were not able to qualify for next 3 FIFA World Cup, the World Cup of 1990, 1994, and 1998 but the year 1996 was called as the revolution in Portugal football where their coach decided to go and play SkyDom cup which was held in Toronto and Canada, where they have to fight with European champions team. They were grandly going to the final and beat Canada in the final match hold the trophy for a very first time at senior level.


Euro Cup 2000, how could anyone forget this Portugal team in that tournament, where they reached the semi-final and beaten many strong Nation in a group stage, but in the semi-final The world cup holder France defeat them with the help of Zinedine Zidane goal on a penalty in extra time.

Portugal were successfully qualified for the World Cup of 2002, they were seen by the Group D‘s favourite team, but they were lost the first match against United States of America 3-2, in the second most Portugal smashed Poland 4-0, in the last game where they badly want the win to continue their journey the were defeat by South Korea and that’s how they ended on 21st place.

In the year 2004, Portugal Nation was ready to host Euro Cup for very first time and host Nation was looking best contender to win that Euro Cup, but the Portugal team were started their journey with the big upset, lost the first game by Greece 1-2, then they exposed their best game and beat Russia 2-0 and also beat strong side Spain 1-0 and entered into knockout stage. In the knockout Portugal faced England, this entertaining game draw 2-2 after extra time and went to penalties, this was the Portuguese Goalkeeper Ricardo who took off his goalkeeping gloves and saving penalties and score goal as well gave the most memorable victory to his Nation. In the semi-final, Portugal beat Netherlands 2-1 and to the final. Where Portugal have a face off with Greece, here Greece beat Portugal 1-0 and hold the Euro Cup.

After, Euro Cup 2004 many veteran players were retired from football except Luis Figo, but the good thing that Portugal were had that the emerging supreme game of young Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal easily qualified for Fifa World Cup 2006, and in qualification draw they had not faced a single defeat and finished qualification round at first place. The FIFA World Cup was host in Germany in 2006, Portugal wins all group matches, only Mexico was scored against Portugal in group matches. They beat Netherlands 1-0, this match is also known as battle of Nuremberg due to referee showed 16 yellow cards to the Players, Portugal had faced off with England in quarter-final, this match extra time ended on 0-0 draw, this match is also remembered as violence between two club fellow Manchester United star players Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney sent out by referee match went to penalties and here Ronaldo hit the winning kick for Portugal, made 3-1 on board his Nation went to semi-final. In semis, Portugal lost 0-1 by France, Portuguese few players sent out to the ground due to numerous bookies in top 16 match and in the quarterfinal match. Portugal ended this world cup at the 4th place which is second best World Cup for them after the World Cup of 1966, where they end in third place.

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The remarkable tournament of Euro Cup 2004 and Fifa World Cup 2006, Portugal was looking at a top contender to win Euro Cup 2008, they struggled in qualification round but they still had a ticket to went to European championship 2008. In the group stage, Portugal came back in the form and win all group matches and into the knock out matches where they were lost by Germany 3-2 and that’s how they ended their euro Cup 2008 journey.

Fifa World Cup 2010, Portugal had played make on back side defence strong and gave the long side pass especially to Cristiano Ronaldo, this trick was not work frequently and also faced criticism in the way of their match strategy, they played during this world cup, Portugal were eliminated in Round of 16 where Portugal defence beat by David Villa and he secured Spain win over Portugal in Round of 16 match.

In Euro Cup 2012, first time after 1998, Portugal had not a part of major tournament Euro Championship. Portugal has failed to get the ticket of finals matches.

As the shaky qualification draws situation, Portugal was also had their Fifa World Cup 2014 statics where they eliminate in group stage round.


Euro Cup 2016, this is the first time in the history of Portugal holding the major senior tournament trophy. Portugal was drawn in Group F with Austria, Hungary and Iceland. They played all three matches of group stage draw with the thrilling draw match with Hungary 3-3, Portugal sent to the round of 16 on the new form of the basis of the tournament where Portugal have good FIFA rank. In Round of 16, they beat Croatia and went to quarterfinals, where they had a match with Poland and this match ended on draw after the extra time, match went to penalties, Portugal’s Goalkeeper Rui Patricio made save for Portugal and in the next penalty shot Ricardo Quaresma netted the ball and won the match for his Country. In the semi-final match, Portugal beat Wales, 1-0 and made their place into the final. Portugal had face off with the fan favourites host Nation France, it was looking very tough to beat France in final because somewhere France looking much complete side as compare to Portugal, it being much difficult when captain Cristiano Ronaldo was injured in early minutes and send back to the pavilion, but the way Portugal defence and their Goalkeeper played in final is really marvellous and unforgettable, the winning shot came from substitute player Eder in extra time minute’s 109. Finally, Portugal raised the Euro Cup trophy.

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This how they wrote their story to became Champion.




Portugal features in Group B, alongside with Spain, Iran and Morocco.

  • IRAN


Most awaited match of World Cup 2018, Portugal vs Spain will be held on 15 June. Here the two clubmates Cr7 and Sergio will face off, don’t know who will gonna win this match but surely, the exciting match at group stage, therefore Portugal and Spain looking two giant in this group have the good chance to go in Round of 16, but can’t predict anything because in last World Cup, Spain was eliminated in groups stage round, and the Fifa World Cup pressure is a kind of pressure which can beat any giant.




Here, the Squad of PORTUGAL for Fifa World Cup 2018


Coach :

Fernando Sants

Goalkeepers :

Rui Patricio

Anthony Lopez


Defenders :




Ricardo Carvalho

Bruno Alves

Jose Fonte


Raphael Guerreiro

Midfielders :

William Carvalho

Danilo Pereira

Joao Moutinho

Renato Sanchez

Adrien Silva

Andre Gomez

Joao Mario

Forwards :

Cristiano Ronaldo (C)



Rafa Silva

Ricardo Quaresma


Cristiano Ronaldo:

Barely, a newborn baby doesn’t know his name. Who else Cristiano Ronaldo. The x-factor for his Nation, five times Ballon d’Or winner gives numerous of the trophy to his Club team Real Madrid and sets many individuals records, apparently. He has the ability to turn the match into his team favour, recently he netted bicycle goal which is most incredible goal in the history of UEFA champion league game against Juventus. If his team play as Cristiano Ronaldo plays then Probably, Portugal will raise the Fifa trophy for very first time.

Rui Patricio

The save hand for Portugal. He can save any devastating shot on his day. and he proved this many times. who can forget his performance against France in Euro Cup Final match, where he saved the bullet like shots of Dmitri and Pogva.


Portuguese Fan girls are always ready to hoist their flags and cheer their players always, from a very long time we have seen a lot of Portugal fans all over the stadiums, now this time in FIFA World Cup 2018 this is going to be super exciting…





Portugal is in the list of top contenders for Fifa World Cup 2018, they have to play like they played in Euro Cup 2016. The team game will make them strong, yeah Ronaldo will play the key role but they not only depend on them, defenders and midfielders tackle the rivals then the Real Ronaldo comes out how he comes in Real Madrid because his Club defence is too strong that’s by he plays freely at the forward spot. If the defence does the good work then Ronaldo definitely make the score for his team.


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