Which 32 Teams have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018?

2018 FIFA World Cup qualifications were held by six tournaments by FIFA Confederations, these tournaments decided 31 teams those who compete in FIFA World...

Faiq Bolkiah: Teenager Who is the Richest Footballer in the World

Whenever Forbes releases the list of rich sportsmen there are almost 5 footballers out of 10, which signifies that football has huge money for...

Can India ever qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

Will INDIA dominate in Fifa 2022? Every Indian football lover wonder for this, Is this only happen by wondering or assuming? Not only our country, every nation wants to play Fifa World Cup, but do you know why India is unable to make their place in it, except 1952 World Cup.

ICELAND: The smallest nation to qualify for FIFA World Cup 2018

The Icelandic men's national team has qualified for the 2018 world cup held in Russia, beating Kosovo by 2-0. Icelandic people waiting hard for their team to play well in World Cup.