Football is Sports, Football is Joy,
Football is Laughing, Football is Cry!

Football is Occupation, Football is Dedication,
Not only a game, coz it’s a convocation!

Football become Pele, Football become CR7,
Football represents the Nation in just 11!

Football is Preparation, Football is Reputation,
Football is Transformation, Football is Destination!

Football gives Name, Football gives Fame,
You can’t hold it in a frame coz Football is Insane!

Football is Evolution, Football is Revolution,
Football is Appreciation, Football is Celebration!

But When we defeat, people make conversation,
For those who hate, it’s just discrimination!

Football is Past, Football is Future,
Football is Last, Football is Cruzer!

Football gives wings, make our endeavour,
We have football, So, We are Fortuner!

Football change life’s Formation,
Makes you World’s Sensation!

Football is You, Football is I,
We are Football, Football makes us Cry!

Football is our Present,
Football is our Vision!
Least I say Football is our Oxygen,
Football is our Inception, Football is our Inspiration!

At last but not least, At any place of this World, even in an unknown island of this planet, where You got struck and feels Alien to the people of that very island because,

Fails to make conversation, just play Football coz it’s human demonstration!!!

Football is something that I ought to say “Incredible”. It’s absolutely deserving that grace of something makes people “speechless” and the game of Football is all about.

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Here, When countdown began of the biggest event on earth Fifa world cup and this time Russia is been lucky to have such an epic responsibility to host Fifa’s biggest event FIFA World cup 2018.

From the first Staging of the Fifa World cup 1930 to yet 2018, Fifa world cup held 20 times from the year 1930. We are in the 21st century, football seems several transformations even you talking about Teams, Players, their WAGs(Wife & Girlfriend) and their lifestyle, Coaches, Controversies, so many things; these things should matter for the fans and this change is only possible by social media because these stuff takes few minutes to go viral.


Fifa is all set in to kick off 21st Staging World cup in Russia on June 14th where Russia will fight with Saudi Arabia in the first Match undoubtedly, this World cup will be as successful as others and create some unforgettable history.

Well, the Whole World got struck when people heard the news that Italy and Netherland will not be a part of 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia. Both the team failed in the qualification draws, people can never forget the tears of Italian Player when they were playing in draws and had not succeeded to get the ticket to Russia.

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Each group seems much difficult to the strong team as well, We shall definitely see nail biting counters in group stage match. There are lots of group stages matches to date at  which fans losing their patients, fans are hungrily waiting to see world cup counters and there is one of the most highlighted matches in group stage is from group B on 15 June, where current Euro Champion Portugal on another side 2010 World Cup winner and 2008 and 2012 Euro cup winner Spain.

Both the team are in rhythm and have good chance to win World Cup as well, this is the match which I must say, Take a holiday from your office and all, more then half of the world will witness of this Spain vs Portugal match.

This World Cup is much difficult as well for prediction, where some of Nation which has not a good history of football but shows the transformation game in last few years, and these Nations have great chance to make history and World will remember them for their performance in World cup 2018 for decades for sure.

Germany currently World Cup holding Nation and Fifa 1st position holder team have such a net blustering player squad which could be envy for other Nation cum headache to competitor team coach. Well, Germans have a great chance to this 21st Staging World cup of Fifa. They are in good forms, therefore, they held the 1st position of Fifa’s ranking.

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Basically, Germany team is the favourite team for Fifa pandits to win FIFA World Cup 2018. Well, Pandits are not rear as german’s Octopus Paul who got the limelight in 2010 Fifa World Cup where Paul’s single predict not went wrong, people had shocked by his prediction but unfortunately, he died in 2011. Let’s see, Shall We see another Paul in this World Cup too.

This year FIFA World Cup Russia is cynosure for the year and that’s why Fifa comes after every four years and relate with such a globalised game of Football which united the whole world.

You have so much fun while FIFA, this time make your FIFA Awesome and be a cool nurturing idea that your kid may become next Ronaldo or Messi.

Keep touch with Us,
Keep touch with football !!!


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